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UX Audit

A comprehensive evaluation of a product’s user experience, aiming to identify pain points, usability issues, and opportunities for improvement.

Software Product Design/ Redesign

Designing/ redesigning complex software products including mobile applications, web applications, SaaS platforms, enterprise applications and metaverse products.

Complex Data-visualization/ Dashboards

Defining, prototyping, designing, building and deploying data-heavy beautiful business dashboards with a strong narrative.

Future-proof Design Systems

Managing design at scale with a complete set of standards intended for building reusable components and patterns.

Front-end & Integration

Converting complex data and codes into an immersive user experience that translates well across devices.

Design Team Augmentation

Engage us as your extended design team that works seamlessly with your in-house enterprise product teams.

Our Services

usability analysts, designers, developers


in-house apps currently used by millions of users

Pampering Users, delighting customers

Offering on-demand, stress-free and flexible design outsourcing.

We have extensive experience reimagining SaaS, enterprise, blockchain, metaverse, business intelligence and communication UX across the web and mobile.

We have worked for healthcare, automobile, payments, aviation, logistics, retail, entertainment, sports and gaming domains across San Francisco, New York, Boston, New Jersey, Lakewood, Denver, London, Portugal, Dubai, Brasilia, Singapore, Sydney and Mumbai.

About us

Our approach for software product design.

User-Centered Lean UX Design

We place the user at the heart of every design decision. Prioritize continuous user feedback and validation throughout the design process, which ensures that the end product is based on real user needs and behaviors, rather than assumptions, resulting in a more successful and user-friendly product.

Embrace Iterative Process

We emphasize an iterative design process, where initial ideas are quickly prototyped and tested with users. Feedback is then used to refine and enhance the design, resulting in a solution that is finely tuned to users' needs and expectations.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

We foster a collaborative environment where designers, developers, product managers, and other stakeholders work together in a cohesive team. Involving all key players in the decision-making process ensures shared understanding, buy-in, and a faster pace of delivery.
Design Process

Slow and steady doesn’t always win the race, but fast and observant can

We follow the lean UX design process to architect products that listen to the needs and expectations of users — all the while saving time, money, and resources. We help our customers to create less waste and enjoy more value.

User interviews, surveys, workspace observation, usability testing, gamification and personalization align our efforts closely with the needs and motivations of the users to increase product usage.

Our Process

Reality TV viewer engagement

We worked with Viacom’s leading youth entertainment channel, MTV to increase the TRP ratings of their popular reality show The Challenge.

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Enterprise SaaS: UX research & redesign

How we performed UX research, redesigned a legacy application and created a design system for a platform for marketing automation (Under NDA)

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Sports data & analytics SaaS app

We built India’s first fantasy cricket lineup builder. PerfectLineup is xMoonshot’s in-house sports data & analytics product. Currently used by almost half a million users, it’s multilingual and available in both Appstore and Playstore. PerfectLineup makes complex sports data, look stunning and fun to use.

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Our Showcase
Our Clients

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We strive to make lives of people simpler, more pleasant and more productive through top-notch UX design


Mahindra Automotive

We were contemplating a road-tripping community for our customers, xMoonshot was able to come up with a thoroughly researched concept, designs and a prototype within a few weeks. This helped us pitch the idea beautifully to our top management and create the pilot to run with our customers.

Ruchik Gandhi

Manager – Strategic Management Group

Indore Municipal Corporation

I've always believed in working directly with citizens. Bhopu, designed and developed by xMoonshot is a great way to hear from them.

The app lets me know what citizens are talking about at any given time and their true priorities and concerns, especially during corona lockdown.

Malini Gaur

Mayor, Indore

PerfectLineup User

Perfect Lineup by xMoonshot is the best app for cricket fantasy analysis. No other app even comes close to it in terms of design and functionalities.


Facility Manager, Cognizant

Professional Darts Corporation

Thank you for helping us design and launch our dart fan engagement product in most speedy and efficient manner right before World Dart Championship. It helped us get 20,000 subscribers added in no time.

Lewis Wood Thompson

Head of Digital Media


With xMooonshot, we found top-notch SaaS UX at an incredibly competitive price point

Vivek Karna

CEO, Ex- Director Products, Razorpay

Nymble Up

xMoonshot simplified complexity and enhanced beauty in our AI based SaaS platform for operations automation and workforce management

Manish Thakur

Co-founder, CTO

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