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How would you feel if in 4 weeks you’d have a totally different software product design that is easier and simpler to use?

xMoonshot is a UX UI design company of Vinfotech. We partner with software product companies as their extended team for comprehensive UX optimisation of their software products.

UX Audit

xMoonshot’s UX audit services provide a thorough evaluation of your digital products, identifying usability issues, design inconsistencies, and navigation challenges. Our experts offer actionable recommendations to enhance user satisfaction and drive engagement, enabling your team to create more impactful and intuitive digital experiences. Our comprehensive UX audits include: .

  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Usability Testing
  • Expert Recommendation
  • User Research
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Information Architecture Review
  • Accessibility Review
  • Design System Analysis
Enterprise/SaaS Software Design

Enterprise/SaaS Software Design

We design/ redesign complex enterprise/ SaaS applications like ERP, EMR, CRM, HRM, business intelligence, customer portals across the web and mobile. From adding a new feature in an existing product to building an enterprise product from scratch, we do it all.

  • Legacy systems modernization
  • Building a product from scratch
  • UX overhaul and scaling up an existing product
  • Add new features in existing product

We take designing SaaS platform to a next level with these considerations:

  • Reduce user churn
  • Increase user speed (and hence satisfaction) by streamlining user-experience
  • Eliminate user frustration with help and support systems
  • Engage users with contextual dashboards and information
Complex Data-visualization/ Dashboards

Complex Data-visualization/ Dashboards

We build effective dashboards through comprehensive BI process which includes gathering requirements, defining KPIs, and creating a data model.

Our approach to creating complex data dashboards includes:

  • Making the complex simple
  • Telling a clear story
  • Expressing the meaning of the data
  • Revealing details as needed
Future-proof Design Systems

Future-proof Design Systems

Design systems we build are a single source of validated repository for your enterprise that allows cross-disciplinary teams to design, develop, and realize a product with consistency, scale, and speed.

Our design systems help enterprises with:

  • Faster product design and development
  • Consistent and cohesive product design
  • Reduced the cost of design and development
  • A shared language between design and dev
  • Easier testing, feedback, and iteration
  • Effortless updates to production
  • Future-friendly foundation
Front-end & Integration

Front-end & Integration

We help you convert complex data and codes into an immersive user experience that translates well across devices.

Front-end development, also known as web integration or client-side development, involves using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other languages to create websites, web apps, and mobile apps efficient and usable. Whether you need to integrate your design templates to a website or just update an existing site, xMoonshot can deliver unparalleled integration services.

Design Team Augmentation

Design Team Augmentation

If you are a software development company, product development company, software consultant, or even a design agency facing crunch of qualified UI UX designers, or looking out for a partner to grow your design expertise, we will be delighted to work with you.

While you focus on getting new clients, we can be your extended design workforce managed by responsive usability analysts and project managers. We will bring UI UX expertise and solutions for any of your projects to amplify your UX proposition several fold.

Why partner with us?

  • Associate with one of the leading UI/UX design company
  • Create a new revenue opportunity
  • Avail xMoonshot UX expertise for existing projects
  • Expand the scope of your projects
Outstanding Designs

xMoonshot pushes the boundaries of design, and reach audiences far and wide. We know what it takes to create stunning user interfaces armed with sharp research and agile design process.


Your invoices are based on what we have achieved in the previous period, with a clear explanation of time and design tasks. We use a fair price policy with no hidden fees or surcharges.


xMoonshot follows agile design process, so you won't become the hostage of a fixed contract or risk facing delays due to lengthy contract reviews if changes are required.

Pay as you go

Your payments are time and material based and directly related to design services delivered, instead of overall hypothetical calculations which, in our experience, are rarely accurate.

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