Agile Design Process.

An iterative and incremental approach for our handcrafted SaaS design solutions

We design for end-users while satisfying business stakeholders.

Our design process is derived from the best practices of top silicon valley product companies and tested on real projects with real people.

We take several Agile Design Sprints ranging from 5-8 days in one project to take a deeper look at reimaging user experience of key workflows. Agile Design Sprint balances best of Agile, Google Venture’s Design Sprints and Lean UX

Our SaaS UX design workflow.

The discovery phase is a necessary first step in the journey and involves understanding the user’s needs, better understanding the business goals, and analyzing the current state of the product (in case of redesigning needs).


  1. Business Goals
    Gathering client insights and understanding the business vision and goals of the project.
  2. User Requirements
    Understanding the real users (employees) and clarifying their needs and motives.
  3. Market Research
    Studying the current market scenario and competitors, to determine the direction and roadmap for the project.

What to expect?

Our UX consultants lead a 2-3 week discovery workshop to bring together knowledge from all stakeholders. This helps us develop a holistic approach to meet all your design requirements.

During the design phase, we engage in an iterative process of trials and errors to come up with highly relevant concepts, ideas and solutions for each project. The client is deeply involved in this step, to ensure that the process and results are consistently aligned with their business goals.


  1. Information Architecture
    Organizing, structuring, and mapping content across the platform, to help users discover information and complete tasks.
  2. Wireframes
    Understanding the Creating a design blueprint that allows clients a first glance of what the final visual design will look like.
  3. Visual Design
    Creating a beautifully designed, functional user interface with visual elements that appeal to all the relevant users.
  4. Prototype and Test
    Prototyping the final product and testing it in real-time to get reliable information and feedback from users.

What to expect?

We work with you to incorporate best design practices into all your requirements. It includes a step-by-step review of design language, wireframes, artistic illustrations, and visual design.

Translating designs into top-notch, adaptable, pixel perfect, scalable digital products that can be launched quickly to meet your business needs.


  1. Front-End Development
    Implementing the best mix of technologies for your project.
  2. Backend Development/ Integration
    Using the best programming language and technologies to build a functional and adaptable product, or simply integrating it with the larger system it belongs to.
  3. Quality Assurance
    Performing quality checks and correcting existing bugs and inaccuracies to ensure quality standards are met.

What to expect?

An approach to building a top-notch end product, where designs come to life. This phase includes product optimization and integration of unique features, interactivity and various design elements.

Providing ongoing support and updates to the client by constantly improving design ensuring to make the lives of the employees easier at work.


  1. User Feedback and Surveys
    Understanding the pain of the users through feedback and surveys at regular intervals, and resolving them in subsequent updates
  2. Technical Assistance
    Providing technical assistance to address issues and when help is needed with the tools. This is offered by consultations, training sessions or design/ development work.

What to expect?

Regular user feedback and surveys to continue understanding user pain points and continue designing for solutions. This phase also includes providing technical assistance.

Organizing training sessions for employees to teach them the appropriate use of the product and ensure that they make the most of it.

What to expect?

Well organized online/ offline training sessions as per your need. Creating a space for ongoing dialogue between your team and ours, where Q&A, and discussions about making the best use of the product can happen.

Building efficient SaaS UX at xMoonshot.

System Front Considerations

  • Security and access control
  • Integration with legacy software
  • Processing & storing large amount of data
  • Integration with third-party systems (Interoperability)
  • Working with multiple vendors
  • Provisioning for flexibility and scalability
  • Maintenance and support

User Front Considerations

  • Match screen flow to task flow
  • Adequate grouping & labeling
  • Provide clear & actionable user feedback
  • Remember user's frequent or recent activity
  • Minimize memory load
  • Minimize time and effort required
  • Provide defaults

We break the experience down to the level of zoom.


Organization/System level

The highest level of the SaaS software product. This involves understanding different user groups at a high-level, task analysis and prioritization across all user groups, and data analysis of high-level objects.


Task/UI level

Analysis at this level occurs when the SaaS product is up and running well, but needs to be fine-tuned. This is the actual usability testing for a flow, combined with contextual understanding and interviews with the user(s).


User Level

At this level, a particular problem is broken down into its tasks and issues that affect productivity are understood. While we need to understand data objects, in this case, they are typically a smaller set, and be able to organize the attribute level to organize the information.

The journey of this flow and where there are problems within that journey are of greatest interest to pinpoint for deeper investigation, as well as the service pipeline that might affect SaaS UX design.

Step 1.

User experience and brand strategy preparing.

Profesionales del diseño gráfico proident, taken of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy whole. Diseñador Gráfico y Digital y además como greate idea.

Step 2.

Resources preparing for the post-launch.

Profesionales del diseño gráfico proident, taken of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy whole. Diseñador Gráfico y además como.

Step 3.

Core UI components developing & testing.

Profesionales del diseño gráfico proident, taken of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy whole. Diseñador Gráfico y Digital.

Awards & Honors

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Our clients describe us as a product team which creates amazing UI/UX experiences, by crafting top-notch user experience.

5x Developer Award

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Our tools and technologies.


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