A comprehensive guide to Enterprise UX

Today, Enterprise UX has defined a compelling way to define user experience at work and the right balance. It is something that is impactful, pertinent and has the capacity to stir the change.

What is Enterprise UX?

To put it in simple terms ‘Enterprise UX is the design of software that assists employees in doing their tasks. It is the creation of everyday technologies such as Slack or Asana that are utilized in the workplace. In contrast to consumer UX, enterprise UX design focuses on designing for professionals at work. In more practical terms, enterprise UX apps are complex b2b solutions for major businesses.

Enterprise UX plays an imperative role in invoking a sense of excitement, and closeness and bringing game-changing results for achieving goals.

As per research every $1 invested in UX brings $100 in return. That is an ROI of mammoth 9,900%

Give an experience that will make work fun 

A meaningful interaction never fades. Let your users at work experience something conclusive that makes their work fun and gives them an enriching experience. This brings in an element of creativity and higher productivity which are key indicators of a good day at work.

Win the competition and soar high in the market 

The next big thing that has particularly changed the dynamics today is enterprise UX. To soar high and construe a unique position in the market is to be a step ahead in thinking of solutions that will bring an impact. Enterprise users are (primarily) power users, and must be considered this when developing products for them. They work with specialty software regularly, and maybe for a long time. They understand the logic behind the items they utilize. Bring that logic with an impeccable experience and human-centric designs.

Simplify Enterprise UX to provide a world-class experience 

It is important to keep interfaces simple and humanized. However, the complexity of the tasks generally performed incorporate software must be considered. The desire for a clean UI may deprive users of critical context for getting work done.

Furthermore, it may be argued that simplifying the interface too much may increase the risks of creating friction rather than removing it. Consider the user interface of a product that shows a variety of charts and data.

A professional who works with visual data on a regular basis requires constant access to it. Having to go through extra steps to get to important features is both inconvenient and ineffective. One of the most notable contrasts between consumer and enterprise UX is providing easy access where no extra actions are required.

Consumer UX is all about beautiful UIs, whereas enterprise software needs to make sure users can do their jobs easily. Hence, it is not just about simplifying enterprise UX but also providing utility and immediate access interface.

Leverage technology at the click and create a better sync

Integrating design thinking in software that is appealing, can assist in creating a better sync. Despite the difficulties of workplace UX, a positive user experience can be achieved. Follow a simple rule that we always follow while building consumer products. If we follow a similar philosophy, the end-user first can bring in the best of technology to unfold the best of user experiences.

Innovation is the key, make the best of it with impeccable functions 

In today’s fast-moving world there’s nothing without innovation and you can innovate when you know the right solution. The biggest challenge while doing the UX research is deciding how to simplify enterprise UX. It is imperative to bring an experience where the core competency is to build a product that is easy to use, powerful and compelling to derive action.

Changes are for the better, it’s time for you to bring the change

To go deeper and stronger while creating an experience the key is to define change. Define copy and design elements that are easy to interact with and are more human. Don’t be generic it too boring in today’s fast pace identity-defining world. Bring inconsistency of brand identity and define your labels with values of design thinking and let your brand personality shine.

In the nutshell 

An enterprise UX can create value that one would have never imagined, it can create an understated difference. Be simple, be innovative, and be a forward thinker to accelerate your pace with enterprise UX. A stellar user experience with power-packed functionality will go a long way.

  • Integrating designing thinking will lead to the ultimate, futuristic, and holistically optimized organizational growth.
  • Enterprise or not, innovation is a critical component of UX design. Be attentive and find new and innovative solutions to existing challenges regularly. Be the change and take the risk to propose experimental solutions on occasion.
  • Small changes create big differences and sometimes less is more. Create a statement by creating human-centric products. Humanizing your enterprise UX can create an impact that will and build value that will have a long-term effect.

Product and service design that is simple and straightforward is beneficial to your bottom line and brand value.